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For the parties involved, all litigation is high-stakes.  Every engagement, regardless of size, merits tenacious attention to the client's interests.  Guided by these principles, Ballinger Law Office is committed to providing each client with an uncompromising level of representation.


With more than 23 years' experience in nationwide litigation for Fortune 500 companies, Ballinger Law Office brings insight from complex litigation to every engagement.  Our clientele includes large national corporations, small businesses, professional practitioners, and individuals.  


Know the client.

Ballinger Law Office believes a keen understanding of our clients and their needs is essential to our ability to provide effective strategic counsel.  We work closely with every client to develop an in-depth knowledge of their business and the issues they face in litigation.  


Excellence without sacrificing efficiency.

Ballinger Law Office is committed to providing exceptional client service while managing costs and reducing inefficiencies. 

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